How to Save Instagram Photos on Your Computer

Save Instagram Photos

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According to, as of June 2016 Instagram had over 500 million users and the majority of these half a billion users are sharing photos every single day. Pretty unbelievable, if you ask me. If you are one of those millions of users you may have wondered how to save Instagram photos on your computer.

One would like to think that it is as simple as on most other pictures on the internet and you can do an easy right click and save the photo, like this.

Save Instagram Photos

With Instagram your right click choices are much more limited. There is no “Save Image As” to be found. Check it out below.

saving instagram photos

However, the image above holds the key to being able to save Instagram photos on your computer. All you have to do is dig into a little big of code and you’ll soon have the image safely stored on your computer.

Did I scare you at the mention of <code>? Don’t even worry, this is very simple! So let’s get started.

7 Easy Steps to Save Instagram Photos to your Computer

1. Go to the Instagram account where you would like to save your image. For reference, let’s use ours —

2. Click on the image that you would like to save on your computer.

3. Right click on the image.  Now here comes the <code> part. Click on “View Page Source.”

Here is a little sample of what you will see when you view the page source.

instagram source code

Holy cow! This might look like gibberish to you but this is where you will find the link to your image and be able to save the image to your computer.

Instagram photos are saved as .jpg files. So all you have to do is a simple search in the page source.

4. Click Control F on windows or Command F on a Mac. That will bring up a little search form, either at the top or bottom of your screen.

save instagram photo source code

5. Type “jpg” (you don’t need the quotes) in the search form. This will highlight the instance of jpg in the source code…and here you will find the actual link to the image. I have the link underlined in the above screenshot.

6. Highlight that link and copy it. Open a new tab in your browser and paste the link there. Here’s what you will get AND you will be able to right click and save it! UPDATE: One of our brilliant readers suggested an easier step here. After you highlight the link, simply right-click on the link and select “open link”. This eliminates the opening of another tab and window and having to copy and paste the link.

save photo on instagram

7. Now you can easily save the image like you normally would. Yes, you can save Instagram photos to your computer!

Hope this helped! Now how about heading over to my Instagram page and following me. We sure would appreciate it! Just click here.

Don't be shy. Share this to the world!
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  1. Molly on May 19, 2020 at 3:13 am

    Although it was updated, this tutorial still helped me find out how to save photos! Thanks!

  2. Sky on September 25, 2020 at 8:31 am

    Okay. here is another sure way to locate exact the image you want for download. Right click on the Inspect of the image, then click on Sources tab, then go to “scontent blah”, you can find the image by processing each image file there, Right click on Copy Link Address, there is your image for download.

    This site is the guide for me, but my does not have vp folder.

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