How Important is Landing Page Copywriting?

landing page copywriting

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This is a worthwhile question to ask yourself. While many aspects of marketing, such as web design, might feel totally out of reach, it’s natural to ask yourself if copywriting might be one area you can cover in-house.

After all, how hard can it be? You know your business and you know what you want to accomplish. Yet putting that into words – in a way that’s going to work for you online – is definitely an art form.

landing page copywriting

The truth is: you should never underestimate the value of good landing page copywriting.

Why is that exactly? There are many reasons, but let’s break it down simply here:

  1. Your landing page is the first thing people see.

A “landing page” simply means the first page of a website where the user lands. There are essentially two kinds: this could be either A) the homepage of a full website or B) a single, stand-alone page that supports a campaign, sweepstakes, product promotion, or another singular initiative.

Statistics show that you’ve only got a few seconds to capture and guide their attention – an opportunity you probably spent valuable resources to create.

Because whether it’s paid banner ads, social media posts, or organic search, the fact is – you put in valuable resources there.

It would be a shame to waste earned leads due to an oversight like poor landing page copywriting.

  1. Structure is everything.

In order to work well, a landing page must be formatted properly, capture your brand voice with consistency, distill down your message in a clean and concise manner, and lead the reader to their natural next step in the sales cycle.

Proper landing page copywriting plays a critical role in each of these elements, and much like web design or any other marketing skill, these pieces are something that are crafted by seasoned professionals.

  1. There’s more to landing page copywriting than meets the eye.

You’ve likely heard terminology like “SEO”, “keywords” and “metadata” thrown around in conversations, on blog articles, and at business conferences – and for good reason.

What the user sees when they land on a landing page is really only a fraction of everything that is happening on the page. Good landing page copywriting is written not only for the reader, but also for the search engines.

Trained digital copywriters know how to conduct the necessary research needed, incorporate the right language, and optimize language on the backend to ensure that your landing page is showing up well in search results.

Landing page copywriting might seem simple on the surface, but like many skills, it plays a much bigger role than meets the eye.

If you are considering developing a website or having one created for you, be sure to give landing page copywriting its due diligence. Remember that good copywriting can pay for itself many times over in quality leads and new conversions.

Have another question about landing page copywriting, or just copywriting in general? Let us know in the comments below or contact us here.

Don't be shy. Share this to the world!
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