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Google Font Examples

Google Font Examples | 147 Awesome Samples

By Elizabeth Crane / November 3, 2016
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Google gives us many¬† great things, like Webmaster Tools, Analytics, Adsense, Google+, and fluffy puppies. OK, maybe not fluffy puppies. They have also given us…

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Small Business Websites

What do you need to create small business websites?

By Elizabeth Crane / January 15, 2016
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Whether you have a small business that needs a website for the first time, or perhaps just need to refresh an old site that is…

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WP Bootcamps

WP BootCamps — WordPress Training for Veterans

By Elizabeth Crane / July 3, 2015
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As a veteran owned business, a few organizations are close to our heart. Happy Joe is one of those. We have been fortunate enough to…

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blog posts

Our Top 5 Blog Posts that are making the World a Better Place

By Elizabeth Crane / September 5, 2014
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Yes. We are changing the world one blog post at a time. Well, maybe not changing the whole world, but maybe we made a difference…

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media temple hosting

Media Temple Premium WordPress Hosting not so Premium

By Elizabeth Crane / May 18, 2014
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I need to vent! I need to rant! I’ve had enough and please feel free to shoot me if I ever attempt to use Media…

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