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Content Based SEO

How are Viral Articles Created? The Unexpected Truths

viral articles excitement

Marketers pore over stats and data in an attempt to figure out what causes people to share content. The answer, especially when it comes to viral articles, is not as simple as we’d like.  For marketers, going viral with a bit of content is the equivalent of winning the lottery with the use of visiting…

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Top Content Curation Tools For 2014

Content Curation Tools

Fresh, relevant content is key to any successful social media strategy, but sifting through page after page of Google on a daily basis can quickly become a tedious task. Not only that, but it’s a procrastinator’s nightmare — it’s so easy to convince yourself you’re working, when really you’re just browsing articles that are becoming…

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Are you Spending Enough on Content Creation?

Marketing will always make up the majority of a company’s budget. For most small businesses trying to market themselves online, they realize the scale of content creation so any profits go directly into the marketing pot. A lot of companies still don’t experience the results they’re looking for. They naturally blame the content marketers. Whilst…

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