Keyword Research

Content Based SEO Hinges on Keyword Research

The importance of keywords in internet marketing cannot be understated. Ranking Edge takes into account the keywords that each page on your website targets, or should target.  We  do extensive research on your website and see what keywords people are using to reach your site…or your competition’s site. Our writers use these same keywords for clearly flowing text used in article marketing, web 2.0 pages, press releases, social media and more.

Keyword Research

No two ways about it. Keyword research is a vital component of your search engine optimization campaign. Targeting the correct keywords tells search engines and your customers how to find you. They drive traffic to your content and website. If you are looking for the best SEO services contact SEO Atlanta.

Am I using the Right Keywords?

Having incorrect keywords can result in lost revenue and rankings that don’t convert to the kind of traffic your website needs.  Staying competitive in your line of business requires the correct keywords and keyword phrases used in quality content that leads right back to your website.

Would you rather target “copiers” with 10,000 searches or “buy copiers” with 1,000 searches? Using “buy copiers” is a more sure bet for conversions. Speaking of bets…you might think “blackjack bet” is a good term with 3,600 searches but “blackjack betting” gets 22,000 searches.

Keyword Analysis for Conversions – it’s not always the Obvious

The obvious keywords are not always the best choice. Our keyword researchers meticulously examine the amount of searches, the amount of search results, and the competition. We carefully look at your website’s analytics to determine what is working and what is not. Our focus can change. It’s an ever changing web out there. We stay updated to give you the best results.

You can’t afford not to have it.