Article Marketing

Targeted Traffic to your Website

Article Marketing with a Worldwide ReachThe base of content based SEO revolves around well written articles submitted to reputable websites. Article marketing is a proven and legitimate way to bring more viewers to your website. Great articles and content attract attention, provide inbound links, and trustworthy referrals.

Links are like currency to Google. Links from websites related to your business or products provide strong inbound links to your website and raise organic ranking.

Since the latest Google Panda and Penguin updates we mainly focus on placing articles on mini or micro websites (frequently created by us) that relate to our client’s type of business and/or products. This pleases the search engines knowing that the text-based inbound links are coming from related websites.

Over time the accrual of high-quality articles will provide a great source to increase your website ranking with search engines. Article’s natural referrals are like votes of confidence with Google and other search engines.

Articles are a Terrific Source for Promoting your Brand

The power of a well written article cannot be minimized…and the Ranking Edge writers know just how to provide you with top-notch articles. Articles are written with applicable keywords that flow within the text.  We write comprehensive content that is thoroughly researched and professionally executed. Our writers are the backbone of our internet marketing system and your edge in the game.

Posting articles online is a great choice to drive targeted traffic to your website. Visitors will come to you again and again if your articles provide unique, concrete, and utilizable information.  This “viral effect” of internet marketing, over time, will place you as the authority and increase your organic ranking.

We Work with a Diverse Client Base

Whether your business is loan modification, sport products, children’s toys, or life coaching, we will provide you with articles that will knock the socks off your competition. Whatever your business or topic is we are there for you to give you relevant articles to explode your web presence. Your target audience will be informed with up to date content that brings more traffic to your website. Take a look at some of internet marketing and web design clients.

Create a Buzz for your Products and Services

By having articles online that enlighten and educate the public you are providing an informational service. Your articles will not appear as a tacky advertisement but a knowledge base that will bring your readers back for more. You are communicating to keep internet users abreast of topics that they need to know. Articles are a subtle resource for driving traffic to your website and turning leads to prospects to clients.


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