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Fix manual action webmaster tools

How to Fix Google Webmaster Tools Manual Action for Outbound Links

By Elizabeth Crane / April 19, 2014
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It’s happened. This website and two others that we own and operate have received a Google Webmaster Tools manual action for outbound links. It all…

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Media Temple WordPress Hosting

Media Temple WordPress Hosting | 24 Hours was 23 too Many

By Elizabeth Crane / April 13, 2014
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My interest in Media TempleWordPress hosting started last year when I wanted to move some sites to a new host. I was debating between WPEngine…

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WordPress Blogger

A Novice Guide to WordPress | Simple Advice that makes a Difference

By Elizabeth Crane / February 18, 2014
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So you are a seasoned blogger paid to review the latest gadgets, beauty essentials, hottest restaurants, hippest clubs and coolest hangout places. Or maybe you…

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Content Curation Tools

Top Content Curation Tools For 2014

By Elizabeth Crane / February 5, 2014
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Fresh, relevant content is key to any successful social media strategy, but sifting through page after page of Google on a daily basis can quickly…

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Genesis Responsive Slider – What Studio Press does NOT tell You

By Elizabeth Crane / December 6, 2013
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The Genesis Responsive Slider has been added to a Genesis Child Theme! This post about the Genesis Responsive Slider was originally published on April 22,…

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