Dashicons | Those Lovely Little WordPress Icons

dashicon menu

Oh my! I started using Dashicons today and I think I’m in love. In fact, I might have taken my fascination with them a little too far. What’s a dashicon, you ask? Well, let’s take an example right from this post I’m writing in the WordPress CMS. But wait! Dashicons aren’t only for the WordPress…

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Secret Code to Add Featured Image to Pages in WordPress

featured image on pages

Have you ever wanted to add a¬†featured image to pages using WordPress? You know, like a page about green zebras that has a full width picture of a green zebra eating coconuts before the content starts. These images generally span across the whole width and are above the sidebar too, just like the picture below…

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Media Temple Premium WordPress Hosting not so Premium

media temple hosting

I need to vent! I need to rant! I’ve had enough and please feel free to shoot me if I ever attempt to use Media Temple WordPress hosting ever again. As mentioned in this post, I had a rather terrible experience with my first experience using Media Temple WordPress hosting. I decided to give them…

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