Are you wondering why no traffic is going to your website? Your website design looks great and people should love it. Right?

Not so fast. A website needs to be much more than just good looking. Correct on-site optimization and great internet marketing will start driving the kind of targeted traffic you want to your website.

Internet Marketing SEO

Internet Marketing and SEO Strategies

A website can use all the paid advertising they can afford, but they just won’t get huge results unless they have content based SEO techniques to improve search engine ranking.

Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don’t think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without the talking about the other. ~ Bill Gates

Articles and Blogging

Over the years internet marketing and SEO strategies have changed with how Google and other search engines have changed their algorithms. Article directories have gone out the window with Google’s disapproval of them.

It all comes down to your website being the authority on your type of business and services. How do you become the authority? Great copy and content accomplishes this goal! Our writers excel in writing content and copy with keyword focus that smoothly fits and is easily read. Every piece we write has all the important meta data like page titles, heading tags, and meta descriptions.

Internet MarketingWriting for the internet is a science, and we carefully edit and grade each post or page of your website so  your site has the best possible content. The search engines will easily recognize what your page or post is about and when they need to list it in search results.

Links from reputable sites still are votes of confidence to the search engines. With great content more websites will naturally link to your website. There is no need for artificial linking schemes that can potentially have you banned from Google.

We make it a point to keep up to date with all of the Google algorithm changes. From Panda to Penguin and all the recent changes, we pride ourselves on using the best Internet Marketing. We’ve been publishing great content for years. That’s what the search engines love and that’s what we give them. Content is king!

Press Releases

Well written press releases not only lets the world wide web know about important events in your business but they also help your website’s ranking with the search engines.  Our skilled writers know just how to raise awareness of your news. Our technical staff know just how to use that to drive traffic to your website.

Keyword Research and Results

There is a practiced and learned art to keyword research. Ranking Edge technical researchers know what works and how to implement the right keywords in the right place. It’s an integral part of online research. We pride ourselves on our research and results.

Ethical and Legitimate SEO

Content based search engine optimization is solid, legitimate SEO. Links from reputable sites to your website are like votes of confidence to search engines like Google.

With our content, linking, and social media strategy, we pledge to raise your ranking and place you above and apart from your competition.

“White Hat” Methods

We use only “white hat” methods to increase your search engine ranking. We don’t do things that can artificialy inflate your rankings. This can cause your company to lose favor with Google, and possible be banned, when they catch on to “black hat” methods.

We integrate the most current Internet Marketing techniques with legitimate rank boosting systems.

Call us at 702.889.4411, email us at info at rankingedge dot com or complete our contact form so we can get you started with your internet marketing campaign.

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