WP BootCamps — WordPress Training for Veterans

WP Bootcamps

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As a veteran owned business, a few organizations are close to our heart. Happy Joe is one of those.

We have been fortunate enough to get to know the founder of this non-profit organization, James Dalman. As a US Army Veteran himself, he is doing some impressive things to help veterans, their families and their caregivers. And it all starts with WordPress!

WP BootCamps – Helping Veterans

WP Bootcamps

Happy Joe’s WP Bootcamps are live training events held in various locations across the United States. Attendees learn how to embark on successful careers and businesses in the WordPress arena.

WP BootCamps aren’t your everyday boring and stuffy training. The atmosphere is relaxed and casual and everyone from experienced pros to those new to WordPress will benefit.

Helping Veterans Transition into Civilian Life

Veterans face a unique situation when separating from the service. While serving, there is no doubt about who they are and what their job is. However, once veterans transition back into civilian life it is sometimes difficult to determine what their life’s path will be.

That’s where WP BootCamp helps. Veterans learn how to focus on their strengths and where they can best prosper as an entrepreneur or freelancer. The coaching and mentoring provided at WP BootCamps gives attendees the chance to learn exactly what is needed to succeed in the world of WordPress.

For those Linked to Veterans Too!

Although WP BootCamps are aimed at veterans, they realize the important roles that families and caregivers play in the lives of vets. WP BootCamps happily open their doors to them and encourage attendance at the events. Service dogs are welcome too!

Don't be shy. Share this to the world!

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