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Today we are in the process of changing things around. How do you like our new look?

Ranking Edge endeavors to stay current on all new web trends, from news articles to video games, we even go over how ranking systems run in CSGO. Here you will also find interesting posts from our team about new changes in web standards. Whether it’s the latest standards for posting to article directories or about how to maximize your Social Media gameplan or maybe even the latest Google algorithm change that is creating “Pandamonium”, we probably know about it. If you are looking for a specific topic and can’t find it, let us know and we’ll probably write about it in a future blog post.

Why We Love Creating Backlinks and Comments

We actively support interaction with our blog and love to hear feedback. If you comment on something, you will hear back. Likewise, if you spam our page with a comment that just doesn’t make sense, we will let you know. We’ve been doing this a while and know all of the tricks for backlinks and actively use white hat blog commenting techniques in our SEO packages. We’re happy to have backlinks from other readers and even view our competition as healthy and the sign of a prosperous field to be working in, but we do hope you have something to say about the post while promoting yourself.

Why Are We Changing Our Web Design?

Ranking Edge has been in business going on two years now. Before that, we spent our time working with some of the premier Internet Marketers, top Las Vegas businesses, and best content companies to be found online. We have done an excellent job at designing other people’s websites and keeping up with the latest trends (check out our web design portfolio), but much like the cobbler that has no shoes, we’ve been trying to find time to do this for ourselves. With that being said, we are happy to have all the business we’ve had in our first couple of years, even though we didn’t get to spend hours writing blogs about it.

Website Redesign

Plenty of  work is a good thing in this economy and says a lot about our company. Recently, we’ve expanded our staff and web outreach and get to spend more time on our website now. We’ve put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into our company and believe that we have some of the most conscientious and thoughtful staff around.

With the new launch of the Las Vegas International Press Club coming soon by our CEO Frank Spady with our long time friend and client Larry Scheffler of Las Vegas Color Graphics, we are taking advantage of the calm before the storm to give ourselves a new facelift. Right now is an incredible time in the Wild West of Internet Marketing and it’s more important than ever to claim your spot in this virtual wonderland of social media, mobile marketing, video distribution and many other hot trends. Expect to see more changes to the Ranking Edge website in the days to come.

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Don't be shy. Share this to the world!

Elizabeth Crane

As an owner of Ranking Edge, Elizabeth Crane oversees all projects and designs and develops websites. She specializes in (and loves) everything WordPress. Her childhood included not wearing a helmet, drinking from the hose, not wearing a seat belt, and playing in the neighborhood streets. And yes, she is still alive.

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