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I need to vent! I need to rant! I’ve had enough and please feel free to shoot me if I ever attempt to use Media Temple WordPress hosting ever again.

As mentioned in this post, I had a rather terrible experience with my first experience using Media Temple WordPress hosting. I decided to give them another try because I do believe they have a great hosting platform. Their price is reasonable compared to other managed WordPress hosting companies and they do have an overall great reputation.

Since my last debacle with Media Temple I thought I should start off with a phone call to make sure that everything is ready to go. I talked to a very nice customer service rep and she said everything was ready to go. However, last time I tried this whole thing I was told by MT that if my site is hosted with GoDaddy it will have to be removed from their servers before I go live. That means some down time for my website.

This seems like an issue that they absolutely need to take care of ASAP. Let’s be honest, even though many people badmouth GoDaddy shared hosting, there are a gajillion sites hosted there. It could be a deterrent for those wanting to move their site.

Another issue I find odd is one I mentioned in my previous post. The Media Temple customer service has absolutely no confidence in their automated migration tool. I was told once again that it would be best if I didn’t use their tool and I would be better off to ftp the files. Not a big deal, but why have the automated migration tool if you shouldn’t use it?

Getting Started with Media Temple Premium WordPress Hosting

Oh my freaking god! Is it all happening again? Is this deja vu all over again?

An error has occurred

We were unable to load the configuration for your product. Please contact support if you continue experiencing issues.

Media Temple Error

Yikes! Although this didn’t look too promising, it all turned out well. It was just some kind of glitch. I went to the overview  again and all was well.

Media Temple Automated Migration

Even though I was advised by a few people at Media Temple not to use their automated tool, I thought I really should give it a try. If I’m truly trying out what they have to offer and plan on moving more sites to MT, I would like to know that a tool they suggest online really works.

The procedure was very simple. I just had to enter a few things. Here is what MT says here in their documentation about what you will need:

This migration takes advantage of (mt) Media Temple’s Premium WordPress migration tool. Using this tool will allow you to migrate your site from another live server. You will need to have ready the following information:

  • FTP Server or IP Address
  • FTP Path to your WordPress site root (optional)
  • FTP Username and Password
  • WordPress Username and Password

That’s it and low and behold it worked! Take that you doubting Thomas Media Temple customer support team 🙂

Taking the site Live

Taking the site live is not as easy as you might think when you are currently hosting at GoDaddy. Apparently since they are joined at the hip there is some server issues between the two. Here is a snippet of an online chat with MT support.

Media Temple: That is what I was afraid of. You will need to remove the domain from GoDaddy.

You should be able to remove zone file entry.

Elizabeth Crane: ok. when you say remove the domain. you mean set the A record to parked or something?

and then after that do what i just did again?

Media Temple: Yes, you should be able to remove the zone file. Then you can come back to the AccountCenter to add the domain. Once you do that, you can update the A record to point to your Premium WordPress service.

GoDaddy had no idea what to do when I called them and to ask MT for more information. Back to Media Temple customer service! I got my favorite support person there, Tyler. Love Tyler! He said to call GD back and tell them to remove the Vhost and change the nameservers. I have no idea what a Vhost is. And guess what? Neither does the customer support at GoDaddy. I should not be surprised.

MT says tell GD to remove the entire domain, meaning remove the entire zone file. But guess what happens then? My email and my website goes down. Holy crap! I can’t take anymore.

New instructions from Media Temple

1. Lower the TTL to as low as can go. It is set at one hour now. Try to  make five minutes.

2. Wait an hour.

3. Have GoDaddy remove the zone file.

4. Then call Media Temple back and let them walk me through what to do next.

I was then put on hold for several minutes. The results? Now, they say I can’t lower the TTL. My website and email would be down for 24 to 48 hours. Enough is enough!

I have spent about two whole days trying to get Media Temple hosting to work for me…to no avail. Their customer support time has been eaten up. My time has been wasted. This is not a very economically feasible product for them or me. I am done.
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Elizabeth Crane

As an owner of Ranking Edge, Elizabeth Crane oversees all projects and designs and develops websites. She specializes in (and loves) everything WordPress. Her childhood included not wearing a helmet, drinking from the hose, not wearing a seat belt, and playing in the neighborhood streets. And yes, she is still alive.


  1. (mt) Media Temple on May 20, 2014 at 2:18 pm

    Yikes! I’m very sorry you experienced this much frustration Elizabeth. It is true we are still working out some kinks with the migration tool and I am sorry if you feel as though our team has no confidence in it, they are really just trying to be as transparent as possible. With that said, we’ve recently made some improvements to it which have it working much better, as I can see you experienced.

    In regards to the DNS issues. Yes, when removing your domain from GoDaddy so you can use it with our Premium WordPress Hosting, you’ll have to wait for DNS to propagate. It is not always 24 to 48 hours though, and in fact, it would appear as though you would have only had to wait one hour if that is what your TTL wa set at, as you mention. Perhaps I am missing a bit of information here though.

    All in all, we are very sorry you had a less than premium experience with us, we do everything we can to make that a rare occurrence If you do decide to give our WordPress product a second chance somewhere down the line, please know that we are constantly making improvements and the issues you experienced may not be issues for much longer. Thanks again!

    • Elizabeth Crane on May 20, 2014 at 7:47 pm

      Thanks for commenting MT. I was pretty frustrated when writing the post about my experience. I didn’t even have it edited so it is probably not the best post ever. Well, I guess to you it is far from the best post.

      I agree that the propagation probably wouldn’t have taken the 24 to 48 hours that they have to say. In fact, most of my sites (hosted elsewhere) propagate very quickly. I did plan on doing this on the weekend when my site is not as busy. But removing the zone file meant my email was going to go down too (from what I was told) even though it is not through my hosting but a separate email account (with the same domain name).

      I would love to know when the issues with GoDaddy hosting and Media Temple being joined at the hip are worked out and this doesn’t have to happen. In the mean time, I’ll be jealous of everyone that uses your hosting with no problems 🙂

  2. Phil on June 4, 2014 at 3:48 am

    One way to possibly avoid most if not all of these painful DNS troubles might be to not use GD or MT’s Nameservers at all. I had no trouble whatsoever transferring my domain from a shared hosting to (mt) Premium WP for testing purposes, since all DNS was handled in Cloudflare – which is a) free and b) extremely fast.

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